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You are the light of the world 

Find freedom from existential pain, anxiety, and triggers. 

Hi, I'm Alex!

We might be a good fit if you:
  • Are empathic, highly sensitive, or psychic.
  • Grew up feeling different.
  • Know there are things in your past you haven't dealt with. 
  • Feel inferior or insecure around others
  • Struggle to offer your gifts to the world.
  • Get worn down taking care of others.
  • Try to find comfort in food, sex, or TV, but still feel empty.

Luminous is the mind.
~The Buddha

Do you want to...
  • Feel connected to the deepest essence of who you are.
  • Understand why your life has been the way it's been.
  • Naturally serve the world by being you.
  • Love yourself just as you are.
  • Enjoy intimate, harmonious, and deeply transformative relationships.
  • Wake up motivated and go to sleep satisfied. 
My Story
I have been deeply humbled by the heartbreak of being human. Instead of peddling quick fixes, I invite you to hold both pain and love. 
Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: How long does it take before I'll feel better?

A: You'll likely feel a profound, if subtle, shift after your first session. You'll also have a practice to continue to facilitate the healing process on your own. 

Acute issues can be resolved in a matter of weeks. Changing chronic aspects of your personality takes more time. Like regularly watering a plant, patience and consistency is required. 

What Others Are Saying About SunConscious Healing

"Alex has taught me nothing less than how to venture around within my own psyche. It’s gotten to the point where I can now do it on my own – but I still meet regularly with Alex, because with him there, things go that much deeper.

I don’t remember what prompted me to begin the specific Internet search that led me to Alex… but I remember why I first reached out. I felt stuck, unsure, underconfident. I sure don’t feel that way now.


My destination, if anything, feels even more mysterious… but these days, I have a very real sense of momentum, I keep seeing clues that I’m on the right path, and helpers keep appearing when I need them. Which, I guess, is how I found Alex… and I’m so grateful."

-Chris Jeffries

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