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Benefits of Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Alchemical Hypnotherapy uses guided meditation to help you experience a peaceful and abundant source of love within, encouraging you to live more and more from the heart. With loving acceptance, inner blocks are dissolved, purifying the expression of your innate goodness. Along the way, you can gain a wide range of benefits:






  • Release the subconscious cause of diseases and pain

  • Correct physical distortions caused by physical trauma such as auto accidents

  • Prepare for surgery and speed recovery

  • Supplement traditional medical treatments

  • Lose weight

  • Gain flexibility and lightness

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  • Heal from trauma and abuse

  • Release the cause of anxiety and depression

  • Meet needs that went unmet during childhood

  • Climb the scale of emotions as you clear the emotional charge of past events.



  • Release prejudices

  • Explore gender identities

  • Release phobias and irrational fears



  • End addictions such as alcoholism, overeating, and smoking.

  • Stop obsessing on past loves

  • Meditate, exercise, and do regular self care practices.



  • Know love and live connected to life

  • Discover and nurture your life plan

  • Clear past life karma, vows, and contracts

  • Develop psychic and intuitive powers

  • Work with animal allies or spirit guides

Issues we address with hypnotherapy:


  • “I believe I am unworthy. There's a sense that I do not deserve people's time, money, or attention. As if I am somehow bad or less than. I think I've either internalized the disapproval and disappointment of my parents, or my soul has come to heal a sense of self-doubt that lingers from past lives. More than anything, I want to be worthy of great things.”


  • I should have known better. I should be further along with my life by now. I should.... be some other way.”


  • “How do I find the bliss and light I've experienced before? I'm stuck in a dull, gray world, and I really miss the sensation of being alive.”

  • “I'm hyper-vigilant. I don't let people get close to me.


  • “I've tried very hard not to pass on limiting beliefs to my own children. However, I still struggle to set boundaries with my own parents.”


  • “I have physical conditions that doctors have not yet been able to help me with.”


  • “What is my purpose? I have a sense that I'd like to help or heal others, but I don't even know where to start!”

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Benefits Clients Experience:

Physical Healing

“After our first session together, I've been breathing deeper. Ever since my mom died, I've had a breathing issue, a shortness of breath, that would happen periodically. Doctors couldn't detect any issue, but it's gone now!”


A Peaceful Heart

“Instead of anxiety, there is this overwhelming peace in my heart. It acknowledges that I am enough, right where I am today. Not worrying about what was or what will be. And I know this in my body. There was none of that peace at all before. There's an enormous sense of gratitude and enlightenment. I'm leaving behind the things that have limited me for so long.”


“I've gotten to know this place in me that is deeply restful, peaceful, safe, and free of any sense of lack. I now aspire to expand from that place in my heart and bring it out and let others into it. I want it to be an active force in the world; not just a passive place of refuge.”


“Whatever is on my heart transmutes in these sessions. I felt anxiety yesterday, but that happens so infrequently now.”


Child-like Wonder and Fearlessness

“My inner child is still developing. I've always thought of him as meek and shy, but now he jumps in and dances without fear. He's actually happy and full of wonder.”


Synchronicities and Increased Creative Energy

“I've been experiencing magical synchronicities. I've been journaling like crazy. I've had strong urges to write and make art, sometimes coming at strange times.”


“I have been feeling so much energy flowing through me. I don't know what to do with it! My palms have been tingling. Most importantly, I've been feeling lots of love inside.”



“I realize that my problem was that I was pretending that I was okay. It feels so good to be authentic and honest.”

New Healing and Psychic Abilities

“Ever since I took a healing class, I felt like I've come home. I've been practicing on friends and family, and I've been feeling great.”


The Power of Independent Work and Collaboration

“I practice Alchemical Hypnotherapy every morning for 30 minutes, and I find that it's easier to visualize after our weekly sessions together.”


Experience It for Yourself

What parts of your self and life call out for love and healing? Send me a message today to schedule a free consultation, so we can discuss how Alchemical Hypnotherapy can address your particular concerns and help you live the life you really want.

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life!

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