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Heal Depression

Are you:

  • Depressed?

  • Numb?

  • Not sure who you are?

  • Tired of life being gray?


There's another way.


Hypnosis helps you:

  • Access your true feelings, including joy.

  • Remember who you are.

  • Experience more color and depth in life.

Let's imagine a dialogue between the different parts of your psyche to illustrate how Alchemical Hypnotherapy helps with depression. Working with the self not as a single unit, but as consisting of different parts, helps us get to the cause of depression.


Imagine that your negative mood is a friend of yours, like Eeyore is a friend of Pooh's. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and get in touch with this part of you. Let the negativity take the form of an image, of a symbol. Perhaps it is a dark cloud? A distrustful child? A frustrated teenage rebel?

Perhaps as you are trying to get in touch with these sad feelings, something else comes up. There might be anger or judgment. A part of you thinks, “Nobody likes an Eeyore! I hate this part of me. I need to hide how weak I am.”


Part of hypnotherapy is un-blending emotions. It's like untangling a Gordian knot. First the angry part is addressed: “Yes, I hear you. You are worried that it is not safe to be negative around other people. They will judge us, leave us, and we will be alone and unloved.”


The angry part feels heard and calms down. So now we can continue exploring the sad part. We might ask the depression, “What is wrong with life? Complain all you want. I want to listen to you.”

There are always reasons why you get down on yourself. Here is the chance to discover what is really driving you. Perhaps there are memories from childhood to explore.


Imagine the depression told a story like this: “I have always been asked to be quiet. I was told I was too much, or the world was too unsafe, so I hid. I remember Mom asking me to consider the needs of others, and I had to hold myself back.”

There's generally relief when the unconscious is made conscious and someone discovers what is driving them. But some people come to therapy already aware of their stories, but aren't able to challenge them. That's when we write a new story. It's like changing the code of a computer program. Hypnotherapy actually allows us to do this.

Perhaps the new script is something like, “I honor myself. I welcome all my feelings. I no longer need to hide or hold myself back. I am allowed to be me, with all my messiness and complexity.”


It's also helpful to release the old story physically, so it is no longer held in the body. Perhaps tears are shed, or anger is expressed with hitting, twisting, or shaking.


There is no need to re-traumatize yourself. You don't have to dive in and get lost in the old pain. You stay in connection with the hypnotherapist. You are witnessed. You remember the strength and goodness in yourself and in the world. You take little baby steps so you realize you are in control. There is no need to rush the healing process.

Here's the thing: healing is possible. How you have been is not how you will always be. Society, your parents, or whoever, might not have seen the real you. You lost touch of it momentarily. Now you have the joy of rediscovering yourself. You get to express life in a totally unique way, whether it is in your presence, voice, or professional work. Whatever your gifts are, they are so valuable and needed.


Use Alchemical Hypnotherapy to change your story: old to new. Practice a new way of being that is natural and intuitive. You will notice the positive changes after your first session, and the results will gather momentum with each one. The techniques of Alchemical Hypnotherapy can radically change your life for better. Will you give them a try?

If you're interested in learning more details about Alchemical Hypnotherapy, check out the FAQ's.


Please send me a message using the form below and tell me what you want more of in your life. I look forward to hearing from you!

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