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"Whenever I try to describe to friends the work I do with Alex, my go-to phrase is “It’s like an acid trip without the acid.” I always add, “It’s amazing.”

Alex has taught me nothing less than how to venture around within my own psyche. It’s gotten to the point where I can now do it on my own – but I still meet regularly with Alex, because with him there, things go that much deeper. I trust him completely as a caring guide and witness; in his presence I feel safe to explore areas that might be too scary to approach on my own. I’ve found inner dimensions I never knew existed – actually seen them, and found beings there to speak with. I still don’t know how it works. I only know it’s endlessly fascinating and enriching, as much so now as in our first few sessions.

Alex doesn’t give out answers, but he has a knack for asking just the right questions, which prompt something inside me to pipe up with my own answers to my own deepest questions – answers which often floor me. Sometimes I encounter truths I always “knew” but hadn’t yet gotten around to noticing and naming. And at other times, stuff comes up I had no inkling of whatsoever, and I just have to sit with this up-ending new information until the shock wears off and I realize it, too, fills in a whole section of the jigsaw puzzle. I never know what will come up next, and that’s probably the main reason I keep going back for more.

Not to mention Alex’s wealth of knowledge in so many spiritual and therapeutic modalities… he’s awfully hard to stump! And his patience… I keep bringing up the same old knots and patterns sometimes, and he’ll happily return there, again and again, until I finally feel them start to loosen their grip.

I don’t remember what prompted me to begin the specific Internet search that led me to Alex… but I remember why I first reached out. I felt stuck, unsure, underconfident. I sure don’t feel that way now. My destination, if anything, feels even more mysterious… but these days, I have a very real sense of momentum, I keep seeing clues that I’m on the right path, and helpers keep appearing when I need them. Which, I guess, is how I found Alex… and I’m so grateful."

-Chris Jeffries

"As someone seeking any form of therapy for the first time, my experience with Alex was a lot more enriching than I envisaged when I booked my initial appointment with him. He helped me dissolve so many inner blocks and facilitated much-needed healing on multiple levels that I was myself unaware of.


Every session was highly liberating to say the least. As someone seeking respite from past traumatic experiences and answers about higher guidance, Alex was a very patient and highly intuitive partner in helping me tap into my own potential to find answers. He is not just focused on the healing process, but helps clients develop practices that they can independently use, to continue inner work even after therapy. This has been the most valuable takeaway from my sessions with him. I strongly recommend his services for anyone looking for hypnotherapy."

– Shilpa Kulkarni


"Alex Garver at Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a wise guide and facilitator on your journey to infinite wisdom. Alex is warm, kind, compassionate, calm and a radiant human being. Alex holds a safe space for helping you to find the courage and capacity for being your best self, by illuminating the opportunities to safely explore the challenges you are facing. Hypnotherapy is a safe and conscious exploration into the depths of your subconscious mind.


I have found a wellspring of peace, hope, joy and happiness there. When we remain curious about the challenges we face, we invariably are led to the truth we are seeking. Skype/FaceTime allow this to happen across space and time and I find it to be just as enlightening and therapeutic as if I was sitting in his office. I highly recommend Alex Garver and Alchemical Hypnotherapy; you will thank yourself for honoring the light within you and giving him a call." 

 – Karyn Williams

“As a Certified Alchemist Hypnotherapist, I have shared time, study, and received clinician sessions with Alex Garver. During my studies with Alex, he exhibited to his peers a highly respected Alchemical knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Alchemy Hypnosis Therapy program. Combining his educational, spiritual studies and world travels, Alex shares a rare intellect and deep spiritual understanding of the mental and emotional bodies of the human spirit.


Alex’s personality and intellect is reassuring, and his calming voice will guide and assist you to levels of comfort far deeper and beyond today’s known therapists. Alex Graver’s Alchemical Healing and Therapy Sessions are highly recommended by myself and many established peers in clinical practice and will benefit all from first time clients to clients with prior therapy sessions, guiding all to their goals of returning to a higher Life-path of experiencing happiness and joy.”


– Reverend Scott Raymond

Spiritual Director, Alchemy Healer, CHT

The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers


"Alex holds a clear and loving space for doing one’s inner work through Alchemical Hypnotherapy. Open-minded and open-hearted, he is astute and gentle, provides keen insights, and asks the right questions. He appears to be tuned into important intuitive knowing - because at times I find him leading my sessions in a direction I wouldn’t have thought of but that ends up accurately appropriate.  


My inner guides are also very pleased with Alex’s work. During one session, I overheard one of them whisper to to the other in complete astonishment: “I can’t believe him. I can’t believe what he’s saying to her!” When the other opened his ears to hear his friend more fully, the first continued: “He truly loves her, and he truly cares about her.”  When I inquired what he was so astonished about, he simply said: “It’s really beautiful what he’s doing. It touches my heart.” 


It is in sessions led by Alex that it has become possible for my inner guides to fully participate with a hypnotherapist in running a session. Alex's openness as the outer guide allows them to work in partnership with him. The synergy of Alex’s way of holding space and their loving wisdom has resulted in very powerful sessions. 


Get a session, and let Alex help you discover your own loving and wise inner guides. Your life will be forever changed."

 – Nora Hoffman 

"Alex, I wanted to thank you for being such a major part during the somatic healing of my left shoulder. Both sessions with you were on target with your continuous healing words and energy channeling. I also must thank the others who were a part of those two sessions.


I now have a much greater range of motion, improved strength, very little pain, and am sleeping through the night. Thanks again, you have definitely found your path in this life."

– Ed Heiser


"I was so impressed with Alex's grasp of my deep-seated issues and his ability to delve into and resolve the underlying causes of those issues."

– Una Howard.


"Alex is a born therapist. He has endless patience and perseverance combined with a calm demeanor that instills trust in his clients. Would highly recommend Alex for anyone looking for a good hypnotherapist."

– Brian Liddy


"Alex Garver's calm confidence in guiding me through the landscape of my emotional lifetimes opened my heart to realms that had previously been overwhelming, ungrounding, and, frankly, too frightening to explore on my own. I felt safe. I felt seen.

The insights from my session continue to ripple positive experiences into my present day actions. I have more knowingness around the orientation of my purpose in this lifetime and have integrated parts of myself that support, strengthen, and activate my personal power."


-Kelsey Wyman

"Alex is kind and thoughtful in his approach to hypnotherapy. Alex kept my best interest in focus as he offered me his services over several sessions. He gently helped me probe into areas of my life that I had been reluctant to examine.

Alex brought depth and lightheartedness into each session. In the beginning of each session, Alex assured me that we would only go as deep as I wanted in the session. Alex allowed me to decide how quickly and deeply I wanted to uncover the shadow areas of my life. Alex checked in with me throughout the session to make sure I was comfortable with what was happening. Alex brings a sacredness to his work that helped my body and psyche relax and open. Working with Alex has brought me closer to myself and closer to God."


-Mark Weeding


"Alex provided several virtual sessions in a safe, welcoming space for me to process through past trauma that I had brushed under the rug for a long time. He guided me to seek answers within myself, forgive myself, and move forward through the pain I had been avoiding. I would definitely give him a call if you are looking for someone kind, intuitive, patient, understanding, and wise to help guide you through processing your stored trauma so you can live your most fulfilling life."

-McKenzie Bolton


"This was my first hypnotherapy experience and I was a bit hesitant at first. I believe the expectations and the idea of the unknown, created a slight doubt in my mind. However, Alex was able to guide me through the process and create a space where I felt safe, comfortable, and free to express my vulnerable side.


As we dove deep into my past trauma, layers of myself that were kept hidden were exposed. Alex's ability to heal and his immense knowledge in expanding consciousness, helped guide me in integrating different aspects of self. My heart chakra in particular felt expanded immediately during the session-which overfilled me with emotion. Also after the session I felt a relief on my throat chakra-which had been blocked for some time.

Alex is a warm soul, whose unconditional love is felt. His passion to guide others and provide resources, along with practices to aid one's journey, is what makes him exceptional. He is kind, truthful and graceful. I believe his personal experiences of self exploration creates depth and pizazz to his services-that should not go unnoticed.

This session has impacted my personal journey in a positive way, expanding my mind and opening doors in my inner and outer world. Alex Garver comes highly recommended and I urge others to book a session! Thank you!"

-Stephany Becerra

As a spirit Grandmother and Elder, I serve as a world-bridger between Elders land-based wisdoms and Youth arising!

I needed a reminder of my joy and wonder as a child of the wilderness.

Alex came into the presence of that need and calling.  His presence is deeply trustworthy!

I sunk into the meditative bioenergetic field with relief.

During the retrieval, the vividness of innocence discovering frogs and lily pads,

The sheer enormity of the gifts of my grandparents and their pioneering spirits,

The entire panorama of the Lake Penage Lodge and our summer’s adventures there,

All replayed within my brain mind body memory as a deeply etched movie.

IT carried within it, the emotions of love unconditional, of discovery eternal,

Of wow of natures ways and the life cycle of FROG, its interdependence

Upon the lily and its pad and the deep North Ontario cold waters

All rock basined.

Thank you Alex, these echoes call me back to that rockened shoreline

And the lifeways of FROG when this human world is too much within my being


For all of our relations

Grace peace love and adventure

Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M Ed Coun

Way of the Turquoise Heart

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