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Addictions often hold such power over our behavior. Addictions are strategies to meet important human needs. This perspective takes away the judgment: Yes, we can choose to engage in that addictive behavior, but is it really the best way to meet our need? So first we ask, “What is it that I really need?” And in particular, we ask the part of you who loves the addictive behavior. Do we seek sugar because we lack sweetness in life? Do we want sex because we want to be loved?


Hypnotherapy allows us to determine what the addict in us truly desires, and to give them what they really want in a healthy way. We re-educate the parts of ourselves that ignore the long-term costs of addictive behavior and help them see new opportunities to meet their needs. We begin to see our future self not as someone far removed in the future, but as a friend who we gift a healthy body, abundant finances, and loving relationships. We might travel into the future and view two possible futures: the end of our lives after fully engaging our addictions or after overcoming the addictive impulse and building a new life. The freedom to choose which future you want lies in you with every moment. Begin your movement towards health and vitality by booking a session today.  

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